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COUTURE Inspired Fragrances

For fragrance descriptions, please go to ... http://opulentalchemy.blogspot.com/2010/08/opulent-alchemy-cult-couture-replicas.html


* Baby Phat Inspired - Dare Me (type)
* Baby Phat Inspired - Love Me (type)
* Beyonce Inspired - Heat Rush (type)
* Britnet Spears Inspired – Radiance (type)

* Comme de Garcons Inspired – II (type)
* Dlish Inspired – Clean (type)
* Gucci Inspired - Guilty (type)
* Halle Berry Inspired - Pure Orchid (type)
* Halle Berry Inspired - Reveal (type)

* Jo Malone Inspired – Lime Basil Mandarin (type)
* Khloe & Lamar Inspired – Unbreakable (type)
* Le Labo Inspired – Labdanum 18 (type)
* Michael Kors Inspired – Fiji (type)
* Paris Hilton Inspired – Passport South beach (type)
* Paris Hilton Inspired – Passport Tokyo (type)
* Paris Hilton Insoired - Tease (type)
* Queen Latifah Inspired - Queen of Hearts (type)
* Riguad Inspired – Gardenia (type)
* Rihanna Inspired – Reb’l Fleur (type)
* Shakira Inspired - S (type)

* Victoria's Secret Inspired - Wild Scarlet (type)

COUTURE Inspired Fragrances ...
* Aquolina – Chocolovers (type)
* Alfred Sung – Sha (type)
* Alfred Sung – Shi (type)
* Baby Phat – Fabulosity (type)
* Baby Phat – Goddess (type)
* Baby Phat - Golden Goddess (type)
* Baby Phat - Seductive Goddess (type)

* Bath & Body Works – Jasmine & Vanilla (type)
* Beyonce – Heat (type)
* Britney Spears - Hidden Fantasy (type)
* Britney Spears - In Control (type)
* Burberry - Baby Touch (type)
* Burberry - The Beat (type)
* Burberry – Weekend (type)

* Bvlgari – BLV (type)
* Calvin Klein – Euphoria Spring Temptation (type)
* Calvin Klein – Obsession Night (type)
* Calvin Klein – Secret Obsession (type)
* Culti – Aria (type)
* Diesel - Fuel for Life (type)
* DKNY – Chaos (type)
* DKNY – Gold (type)
* DKNY – Red Delicious (type)
* Donna Karan – Chaos (type)
* Dolce & Gabbana – Feminine (type)
* Dolce & Gabbana – Le Batelur (type) Unisex

* Ed Hardy - Eternal Love (type)
* Ed Hardy – Hearts & Daggers (type)
* Ed Hardy – Love & Luck (type)
* Elizabeth Arden – Pretty (type)
* Escada - Island Kiss (type)
* Escada - Rockin' Rio (type)
* Escada - Sunset Heat (type)
* Elizabeth Arder – Pretty (type)
* Estee Lauder – Pleasures Delight (type)
* FCUK – fcuk (type)

* Giorgio Armani – Diamonds (type)

* Giorgio Armani – Mania (type)
* Givenchy – Hot Couture (type)
* Gucci - Ii (2) (type)
* Gucci – Flora (type)
* Gucci - Rush 2 (type)
* Guerlain - Champs Elysees (type)
* Gwen Stefani - L.A.M.B (type)
* Gwen Stefani - *G* Harajuku Lovers (type)
* Hanae Mori - Magical Moon (type)
* Henri Bendel - Bourbon Vanilla (type)
* Hilary Duff – With Love (type)
* Jean-Charles Brosseau – Ombre Rose (type)
* Jean Paul Gautier – Fleur Du Male (M) (type)
* Jean Paul Gautier – Madame (type)
* Jennifer Lopez (JLo) – Deseo (type)
* JLo - Glow after Dark (type)
* JLo – Live (type)
* JLo - Live Platinum (type)
*JLo - Love at First Glow
* JLo - Miami Glow (type)
* JLo – Still (type)
* JLo - Sunkissed Glow (type)
* Jessica Simpson – Fancy (type)
* Jessica Simpson - Fancy Love (type)
* Juicy Couture – Juicy Couture (type)
* Juicy Couture – Peace Love & Juicy Couture (type)
* Kate Moss – Vintage (type)
* Kenzo – Flower (type)
* Lancome – Miracle (type)

* Liz Claiborne – Lucky You (type)
* Marc Jacobs – Marc Jacobs (type)
* Marc Jacobs – Daisy (type)
* Marc Jacobs – Lola (type)
* Mariah Carey – Forever (type)
* Mariah Carey - Luscious Pink (type)
* Maria Carey – M (type
* Nina Cerruti – 1881 (type)
* Origins - Perfect World (type) 
* Paris Hilton – Can Can (type)
* Paris Hilton - Fairy Dust (type)
* Paris Hilton – Heiress (type)
* Paris Hilton - Just Me (type)
* Paris Hilton - Paris (type)
* Paris Hilton – Siren (type)
* Queen Latifah – Queen (type)
* Ralph Lauren – Hot (type)
* Ralph Lauren – Pure Turquoise (type)
* Ralph Lauren – Rocks (type)
* Robert Piguet – Fracas (type)
* Roberto Cavalli – Roberto Cavalli (type)
* Stacked Style - Thai Tini (type)
* Thierry Mugler – Angel Pure Coffee (M) (type)
* Thierry Mugler – Innocent (type
* Tommy Bahama – Tommy Bahama (type)
* Tommy Hilfiger – Tommy Girl (type)
* Tommy Hilfiger – True Star (type)
* Tommy Hilfiger – True Star Gold (type)
* Trapp - Bamboo Sugar Cane (type)
* Trapp - Burmese Wood (type)
* Trina – Diamond Princess (type)

*  Vera Wang – Vera Wang (type)
* Victoria’s Secret - Basic Instinct (type)
* Victoria’s Secret - Strawberries & Champagne (type)

*** TWILIGHT MOON(type) Inspired ***
* Bellissima (type)
* Jacob's Heart (type)
* Twilight Moon(type)

**** FRESH (Type) Fragrances ****
Bergamot Citrus (type)
Cannabis Rose (type)
Sugar (type)
Sugar Lemon (type)

**** ISLAND GIRLZ - Tropical & Exotic Fragrances ****

* Crystal Water
* Gardenia
* Green Girl Garden
* Hibiscus
* JC Margarita
* Lotus
* Mango Papaya
* Ocean Breeze
* Orchid
* Plumeria
* Rosehip & Jasmine
* Sweet Summer
* Tropical Sunset
* Tuberose

**** Kiehl's Apothecary (Types) Fragrances ****
Apothecary Lavender (type)
Apothecary Rose (type)
Apothecary Vanilla (type)
Coriander 1946 (type)
Cucumber 1988 (type)

**** L'Occitane (Type) Fragrances ****
Green Tea (type)
Honey Lemon (type)

**** LUSH (type) Fragrances ****
* Amazonians (type)
* Elixer (type)
* Icey Blue (type)
* Hot Spice Curls (type)
* Keep it Fluffy Fluffy (type)
* Uluru Guru (type)

**** Fresh Tea Perfumes ****
Tea Rose & Freesia
Sparkling Tea
Spiced Black Tea
Vanilla Tea Leaf
Asain White Tea

**Fresh & Aquatic Mediterranean Inspired Water Fragrances **
Crystal Waters
Deep Blue Waters
Fleur de Monaco (Carnation)
Island Spa
Mediterranean Mist
Ocean Breeze
Water Blossom & Ivy Parfum
White Lotus

*** Fruity & Fresh Champagne & Wine Inspired Fragrances ***
Blackberry Cabernet
Champagne & Strawberry
Spiced Syrah
Vanilla Berry Zinfandel
Vanilla Chardonnay

*** VINTAGE COUTURE types ***... (some may not be currently available)
* Bijan Inspired – Bijan (type)
* Boucheron Inspired– Boucheron (type)
* Cacheral Inspired – Anais Anais (type)
* Calvin Klein Inspired – Obsession (type)
* Chopard Inspired – Casmir (type)
* Christian Dior Inspired – Dune (type)
* Christian Dior Inspired– Poison (type)
* Dana Inspired - Tabu (type)
* Elizabeth Arden Inspired - Green Tea (type)
* Elizabeth Arden Inspired – Red Door (type)
* Estee Lauder Inspired – Cinnabar (type)
* Evyan Inspired – White Shoulders (type)
* Fendi Inspired – Fendi (type)
* Givenchy Inspired – Amarige (type)
* Givenchy Inspired – Organza (type)
* Givenchy Inspired – Ysatis (type)
* Guerlain Inspired – Champs Elysees (type)
* Guerlain Inspired – Samsara (type)
* Halston Inspired – Halston (type)
* Issey Miyake Inspired – Issey Miyake (type)
* Jean Paul Gaultier Inspired – Jean Paul Gaultier (type)
* Jean Patou Inpsired – Joy (type)
* Karl Lagerfeld Inspired – KL (type)
* Karl Lagerfeld Inspired – Sun Moon Stars (type)
* Lancome Inspired – Miracle (type)

* Lancome Inspired – Tresor (type)
* Nina Ricci Inspired – L’Air du Temps (type)
* Oscar de la Renta Inspired – Oscar de la Renta (type)
* Paloma Picasso Inspired – Paloma Picasso (type)
* Roberto Cavalli Inspired – Roberto Cavalli (type)
* Tommy Hilfiger Inspired – Tommy Girl (type)

* Yves Saint Laurent Inspired – Opium (type)

* Yves Saint Laurent Inspired – Paris (type)

***** ZODIAC Fragrances ****

* GEMINI … May 22 - June 21 … Curious, sensitive and imaginative, those born under the twins favor a unique combination of soft florals, reflecting their sensitive nature. Fragrance notes include plumeria, gardenia, violet, & pink grapefruit.

* LEO … July 23 - August 23 … Noble Leo's rose-based fragrance reflects the bravery and strength of this fire sign. Royal and elegant, they are always noticed in a crowd. Fragrance notes include rose, coriander, & musk.

* VIRGO … August 24 - September 22 … The Virgo is a trusted friend, always ready to sacrifice for the right cause. Down to earth and orderly, Frankincense and other earthy based notes reflects their humane, compassionate personality. Fragrance notes include frankincense, sandalwood, & patchouli

* SAGITTARIUS … November 23 - December 21 … Enthusiastic and full of life, Sagittarians are the fiery idealistics of the zodiac, always ready to champion the underdog. Spicy, rich sweet notes are the basis for this fragrancethat reflects the "rebel with a cause." Fragrance notes include carnation, musk, cinnamon, & crisp apple.

* CAPRICORN … December 22 - January 20 … Ambitious and determined, the achievers of the zodiac. Myrhh reflects their self-reliant nature and drive to succeed. Fragrance notes include frankincense, sandalwood, & myrrh.

**** You can find all of these GORGEOUS fragrances at www.OpulentAlchemy.Etsy.com ****

*** Please note that these are fragrance replicas & not the originals. None of the above fragrances are affliliated with any of the original manufacturers. ***

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Marc Jacobs is BA-NA-NAS! ... I die for LOLA & DAISY

Marc Jacobs’ fashions & fragrances are Ba-na-nas! In honor of Rachel Zoe’s season finale (yes, I am a total RZP addict!) I thought I would feature the gorgeous fragrances of Marc Jacobs… the soft & feminine Daisy & the vivacious exotic & deep Lola.

I died when I sniffed Lola for the first time! She has top notes sparkling with fruitiness of pink peppercorn, pear, & ruby red grapefruit. Her heart is ultra feminine with floral notes of luxurious rose, fuschia, classic peony & spicy geranium. A Warm & seductive base hold this wonderful fragrance all together with vanilla, warm tonka bean & the creamiest of musks. An electrifying over the top bouquet of lavish florals.

Daisy is “elegance infused with youthful vibrancy capped with an unexpected twist. She is Radiant & enchanting, a sparking floral bouquet with a fresh spirited edge”. The top notes are luscious, & fresh with wild strawberry, violet leaves, & ruby red grapefruit. Luminous, modern, & classic vintage heart notes of violet, jasmine, & gardenia. The base is soft, smooth & warm sensuality of creamy vanilla infusions, musks, & sexy white woods.

Super couture, ultra sexy, & so hot… I am offering a special on my Lola type & Daisy type perfume oils at www.OpulentAlchemy.Etsy.com … for a limited time … check it out !

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Kids are headed back to school & there is a cold front movin’ in…so, in honor of summer (& since it will be gone before we know it), I thought it was only appropriate to feature my current fave & daily fragrance... SWEET SUMMER... as well as the inspiration to my newest shop Island Girlz (IslandGirlz.Etsy.com). Sweet summer is just that …it will satisfy your sweet tooth with fresh spun cotton candy, & the most luscious & warm Tahitian vanilla. There are tons of yummy fruity notes in there like honeydew melon along with fresh young coconut milk. Floral notes include sweet & yummy freesia along with the dewiest honeysuckle. You’ll swear you bees might be attracted to you while wearing this beautiful nectar, but I hope you are safe from any nasty swarms. This fragrance is sweet & innocent but yummy enough for anyone to wear with a touch floral, a bit fruity & gorgeously tropical … a pure sugary & wonderful summer confection.

Take advantage of your own 1/3 oz SWEET SUMMER on special at www.IslandGirlz.Etsy.com. This promo will last through September 7th. Check back to see what my next feature & promotion will be!

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...and so it is! My LOVE Affair with Perfume!

And so it is! The beginning of a blog… my fellow perfume addicts, junkies, collectors & fans! A little about how my love affair with perfume began … I got the perfume blending bug from a job in the mall at a popular bath & body shop which featured a custom blending perfume bar… I was HOOKED on creating & blending fragrances, & scenting products with the most unique combinations. We were so sad when that company decided to close it’s retail doors & moved into the direction of catalog & of course online. I still have to say that was one of the most fun, most meaningful jobs I have had, by giving me my first blending experience & the many fragrances to do it with. RIP G.B.

…So on to the present ! With every fragrance imaginable available the combinations are endless…. & so Peepshow Perfumes was born! I want to give y’all a chance to be your own perfumer, creator, artist! I know there has to be tons of you out there that have had favorite notes in mind in which you have wanted to experiment with your own blends… & for a reasonable amount of $! I have seen other shops out there that want to charge $50-$100 for a small bottle, & unless they are filled with liquid gold, I personally think that is just a tad unreasonable! Well, honestly I can’t make it any more reasonable that I have at Peepshow Perfumes. You may as well take advantage of MY fragrance addiction & the many fragrance notes I have made available … here is your chance to create your own custom perfumes, & I will blend them for you, package YOUR liquid gold, pop the cutest, sassiest little pin up girl label on your bottle, then though the air or on the road it goes… to magically appear in your little mailbox just dying to be slathered on & give you a sexy new attitude!

Most of you are already familiar with Opulent Alchemy. Quite simply, this is your favorite shop for all COUTURE perfumes, current & HOT, cult faves & vintage must haves. These fragrances are replicas of the originals & often times even better than the originals (if I do say so)! These are your must haves & the fragrances that have built the fragrance industry into the beautiful smelly monster it is!

And then there was a girl who longed to live on a tropical island… well, after spending some time on one, she grew homesick of the states & had major island fever… so Island Girlz is an homage to all my Island Girlz out there. Here you will find the most luscious, tropical, exotic, rich florals, sweet, juicy, & tangy fruits, & TO DIE fragrances that any little Island Girlz would LOVE to wear… to bring you back to that special vacation, summer dayz, or to bring along to your next island destination. Here you will also find my organic specialty skin care with tropical antioxidants, vitamins, & all the goodness that SHOULD be in your skincare.

I will try to blog at least once a week to give a more personal & detailed look at my fragrances. I will also be offering specials on the fragrances featured, so if you like a DEAL, you might just want to subscribe, & look for the SALE listings in my shops. I will be discussing ALL of my shops (www.OpulentAlchemy.Etsy.com, www.IslandGirlz.Etsy.com, www.PeepshowPerfumes.Etsy.com) & so you might just want to include them in your faves for quick reference! Please stay tuned for my first blog promotion that I will be offering on my featured fragrance! And please, always feel free to contact me with your questions & comments! I would love to hear which fragrances you are dying to hear more about, as well as looking for a yummy deal on! Thanks for all of your support, you are the best!

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Opulent Alchemy ... Cult Couture Replicas ULTIMATE Perfume Descriptions

Finally! It is here... my ULTIMATE perfume Descriptions for Opulent Alchemy (www.OpulentAlchemy.Etsy.com) & Island Girlz (www.IslandGirlz.Etsy.com! Hopefully I have most of them listed here, & if not... well you can always contact me or take a big guess, leap, be brave & give it a try! OK, the list is long, about 25 pages, packed full of the most luscious & yummy fragrance descriptions. Descriptions are listed in alphabetical order of the original fragrance brand, by the first name (ex: Calvin Klein is listed under "C", then each designers fragrances are listed in order under thier name... hope this makes "sents"! Here goes ...

Venezia by Adrienne Vittadini is classified as a feminine which possesses a blend of lemon, jasmin and sandalwood….an unbelievably beautiful floral & fresh, soft blend… gorgeous! (Original is now discontinued)

Sha is a limited edition fragrance from the design house of alfred sung. Sha is classified as a feminine fragrance with a blend of: a soft, delicate floral bouquet sure to invigorate any woman. A soft & fresh scent of Lilac makes Sha the perfect fragrance for those seeking a natural & lovely flowery scent.

The essence of Shi by Alfred Sung embodies the sensation of bright fluidity, feminine tranquility & renewing calm. The perfect water drop is Alfred Sung’s inspiration for Shi. The element of nature that gives life & renewal.

Joshua Tree (Aveda type)… Crisp & green notes ...Neroli Orange, Coriander & Musk notes. (Joshua Tree only: Blend of essential oils & a hint of fragrance oils.)

Rainforest (Aveda type) … Notes of Clover, Coriander, & Peppermint. A crisp, green fragrance with spice!

Valencia (Aveda type) … Notes of Lime, Tangerine, Orange, & Thyme. Fresh, citrus, & tropical blend.

CHOCOLOVERS (Aquolina type) … Unmistakable, senusal, mysterious, the scent of chocoalte has incrediable powers. Chocolvers (type)contains essential & fragrance oils of Corainder, Patchouly, Orange, Bergamot, Lemon , Lily of the Valley, Hazelnut, Malt, Toasted Caramel, Musk, & Vanilla Absolute.

PINK SUGAR (Aquolina type) … Stylish, lively, inquisitive, ironic and with a distinctive personality, Pink Sugar is a fragrance that evokes sensuality, gentleness and passion with a blend of vanilla and caramel. Pink Sugar (type) contains essential & fragrance oils of Bergamot, Sicilian Orange, Raspberry, Fig Leaves, Lily of the Valley, Licorice, Strawberry, Red Fruit, Cotton Candy, Vanilla, Caramel, Musk, Wood, & Powder.

Baby Phat’s Fabulosity Perfume by Kimora Lee Simmons. Fabulosity consists of fruit floral oriental mix of givaudan, & has hints of juicy plum, orange blossom, tiger lily , mysterious forbidden fruit; a heart of damask plum, chinese osmanthus, coconut milk & purple violet, a splash of tasmanian honey, vanilla absolute, patchouli & amber

Goddess Perfume by Kimora Lee Simmons / Baby Phat is a seductive, bold scent for women. With a sensual blend of gardenia, rosebuds, lily, musk & exotic woods. Powerful yet graceful … for every goddess.

Baby Phat’s Golden Goddess Perfume by Kimora Lee Simmons includes top notes of bubbling champagne a heart of seringa, blue lilies & night orchid, with a drydown of caramel, vanilla flower patchouli & vetiver.

Baby Phat’s Seductive Goddess perfume by Kimora Lee Simmons… The 'queen of fabulosity' launched this chypre/floral for the woman who cannot be tamed… this fragrance features vanilla, rose, violet & patchouli.

Bath & Body Works – Jasmine Vanilla … Awaken your senses. Jasmine Absolute relaxes the mind and inspires sexy self-confidence. Vanilla Absolute help soothe and calm so you can feel at ease.

Heat by Beyonce is a vanilla oriental for women that sizzles … glamorous, confident & seductive. Top notes of are sweet with a bite - red vanilla-orchid, magnolia, neroli & peach. A sultry heart of honeysuckle, almond & musky cream, leads to the base notes of sequoia wood, tonka & amber.

Chelsea Flowers (type) perfume by Bond No. 9, is like an exuberant bouquet of white peonies, French tulips, white hyacinth, magnolia, rose, carnations, & mimosa. Base notes of musk, tree moss & sandalwood. Caught at the peak of freshness, imagine they've just been wrapped at the Chelsea Market.

Chinatown Perfume by Bond No. 9, Includes notes of gardenia, tuberose, cardamom & patchouli … so unique, sweet, & pretty! I absolutely think this is a must have of couture perfumes!
Haarlem (type) perfume by Bond No. 9 … this oriental woody fragrance created by perfumer Maurice Roucel can be worn by both women and men. Notes include patchouli, lavender, Amber, vanilla, coffee, cedarwood, tonka, bergamot, & green leaves.

West Broadway (type) Perfume by Bond No. 9, has been classified as having notes of mate, lime, lily of the valley, and musk. Unisex

Believe (type) perfume by Britney Spears is sensual & feminine. It's a youthful and playful fragrance with top notes of exotic guava & golden tangerine, heart notes of honeysuckle, hints of linden blossom & base notes of patchouli wrapped in amber & pink pralines.

Curious (type) Perfume by Britney is a sensual, romantic fragrance for any woman. This beautiful floral aroma has an exciting white floral for the top notes. The heart of this fragrance is a beautiful louisana magnolia finishing off with vanilla & subtle musk.

Fantasy type) perfume by Britney Spears is the 2nd of her perfume line as a fun, & invigorating scent. This feminine scent possesses a blend of red lychee, kiwi, cupcake, jasmine, white chocolate, musk, orris root.

Hidden Fantasy (type) Perfume by Britney Spears is a fruity floral for women, composed by perfumer rodrigo floris roux. The fragrance features sweet orange, tangerine, grapefruit blossom, verbena, clove, napolitano cake, stargazer lily, sambac jasmine, vanilla bean, jacaranda wood, sandalwood & amber.

In Control (type) perfume by Britney Spears… This sexy scent includes a mixture of loquat fruit, midnight orchid, crème brûlée, black vanilla bean, tonka crystals, sandalwood, & musk.

Ombre Rose (type) Perfume by The Design House of Jean Charles Brosseau is classified as A luxurious, oriental, floral fragrance. This feminine scent possesses A blend of rosewood, geranium, rose, cedarwood, honey, vanilla & musk.

Burberry Baby Touch (type) Perfume reflects the joy of youth. The enticing sparkle of citrus fruit, the freshness of wild mint, and the insolence of rhubarb jelly are combined with orange - against a background of tree moss, a few drops of vanilla, & a drop of milk.

English attitude meets energy in Burberry’s The Beat (type) perfume. This sparkling floral woody fragrance is at once sexy, feminine, modern, dynamic, & vibrant. The floral topnotes are reminiscent of a carpet of bluebells in a dense forest, mixed with the tradition & contradictions of Ceylon tea. Traditional floral notes of iris, bergamot & bluebell combine with cardamom, pink pepper, mandarin, & white musk. Smoky and sensual tones of cedarwood & vetivert round out this energetic scent.

Burberry London (type) Perfume is a modern & feminine new fragrance that embodies an elegant, yet modern spirit. It epitomizes the cosmopolitan London lifestyle with independence and relaxed confidence. Notes of Clementine, Honeysuckle, English Garden Rose, Tiare Flower, Jasmine, Peony, Veil of Musks, Indian Sandalwood, & Patchouli.

Weekend (type) Perfume by Burberry is classified as a sharp, flowery fragrance. This feminine scent possesses a blend of soft peach, apricot, marigold, sandalwood, vanilla & musk.

Bvlgari (type) Perfume by Bvlgari, is classified as a refined, floral fragrance. This feminine scent possesses a blend of violet, orange blossom, & jasmine.

Bvlgari Black (type) Perfume by Bvlgari is classified as a refreshing, woody, mossy fragrance. This unisex scent possesses a blend of black tea & smoky woods.

Bvlgari Blv (type) Perfume by Bvlgari, is fire & ice. Passion & poise. A study in contradiction-like a woman without regret. Bvlgari's blv opens with a refreshing burst of ginger & finishes with the full, sensual scents of vanilla, wisteria, & sandalwood. Like the woman who wears it, blv is a force, a spirit, an unforgettable experience.

Ck In 2u Perfume by Calvin Klein is a fresh floriental with notes of redcurrant leaves, sicilian bergamot, pink grapefruit fizz, sugar orchid, white cactus, red cedar, neon amber, & vanilla souffle.

Eternity purple orchid by the design house of calvin klein is A subtle, gentle, refreshing aroma with soft florals. An enticing concert of succulant musk, plum & fressia.

Euphoria Spring Temptation (type) Perfume by Calvin Klein, is a limited edition and a bright interpretation of the iconic calvin klein fragrance, euphoria. This floral scent for women was developed with top notes are pear blossom, guava leaves & waterfall accords, that dance with a heart of pink lily, freesia petals and dewy violets. Base notes are white sandalwood, clear frozen musk & amber.

Obsession Night Perfume by Calvin Klein… Its attractive scent includes a mixture of citrus, fresh flowers, vanilla, amber, bergamot, orange, mandarin, white floral, angelica root, gardenia, rose, jasmine, vanilla, tonka bean, amber, labdanum, sandalwood, & cashmere wood.

* Secret Obsession (type) Perfume … Calvin klein knows sexy and secret obsession is an intense floral/oriental fragrance that is sultry and addictive. Between love and madness is the secret of this intoxicating scent, with its complex blend of exotic plum, mace, rose de damas, egyptian jasmine, french orange flower, spicy orchid, ylang, tuberose, moroccan cedarwood, wormwood, cashmere woods, burnt amber, madagascan vanilla, australian sandalwood, florentine orris root.

Calamus by Comme des Garcons is the crown jewel of all clean & green. It’s the fragrance of living plants, of freshly crushed stems & crumpled leaves. It’s the scent of a trampled meadow after a wild night of bacchanalia by unruly faeries and wood spritesy. Calamus is gentle & almost milky, a jumble of young leaves still sweet in their unfurled glory. For those who seek greener pastures, look no more. This is your holy grail. Notes of young bamboo leaf, celery grains, angelica root, rose berries.

Aloha Tiare (type) is Comptoir Sud Pacific's very first and most exotic blend. Created in Tahiti as a gift of love, inspired by the flowers of paradise, rich vanilla and the monoi-oil that is used in Tahitian beauty rituals. With top notes of Tiare and Frangipani flowers, Ylang-ylang...a heart of Monoi & coconut, followed by a soft, sweet base of vanilla & musk. This scent continues to enchant and inspire dreams of passion and escape…

Amour de Cacao (type) by Comptoir Sud Pacific , is one of the first fragrances to contain chocolate… Top notes of orange zest unite with mid-notes of luscious cocoa bean and refreshing star fruit, this Comptoir Sud Pacifique bestseller finishes with the ever sensual Tahitian vanilla pod. A sophisticated, unusual, dark chocolate and orange combination.

Coeur de Vahine (type) by Comptoir Sud Pacific is a sparkling and joyful fragrance with top notes of peach, passion fruit, orange, & bergamot. Enlivened by cinnamon, blended with jasmine, rose and Opuhi flower from Tahiti, on a mellow background of vanilla, sandalwood, & musk.

Vanille Banane (type) by Comptoir Sud Pacific... A fragrance direct from the French West Indies, sparkling orange basted with banana cream on top, clove wrapped up with banana leaf in the heart, vanilla pod and white rum in a mellow background for a super rich and surprising fragrance.

Matin Calin (type) by Comptoir Sud Pacific ... rich, warm and delicious. The creamy, buttery note of milk and the sweetness of sugar candy and vanilla pod. Innocence and comfort.

Vanille Mokha (type) by Comptoir Sud Pacific ... Creamy and full-flavored coffee sprinkled with the sweet and sensual note of vanilla pod.

Costes … Direct from the ultra-hip & famous Hotel Costes in Paris comes this very limited offering…a signature scent : Rami Mekdachi, an expert at creating ambiance scents for cult parisian venues & the perfume creator, Olivia Giacobetti have created a harmonious blend of lavender, laurel, coriander seeds, white pepper, rose, incense, wood & musk. Costes is dark, sultry, warm & mysterious. This French-kissed eau de toilette perfectly balances woods & rare spices to create a devastatingly sexy first impression.

Aria bu Culti … The Air – Aria … This Italian beauty begins with citrusy top notes of lemon and natural bergamot, which make way for a strong, long-lasting floral heart of jasmine, orange blossoms, rose, and irresistible notes of lily of the valley. The fragrance is finished with soft, aromatic base of cedar, musk, and sandalwood.
This exclusive fragrance is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a fresh, complex, floral blend that smells molto, molto expensive.

Fuel For Life Perfume by Diesel was created by Annick Menardo and Thierry Vasseur is a floral scent with top notes of mandarin and pink pepper. Heart notes of black currant and jasmine finishing it off with base notes of patchouli & musk.

Be Delicious Night (type) perfume by Donna Karan (DKNY), The inspiration for this fragrance comes from the sexy buzz of new york city at night, notes include: crushed ginger, chilled blackberry martini accord, purple freesia, night-blooming orchids, purple iris, satin jasmine petals, molten amber.

Donna Karan Gold Perfume by Donna Karan has top notes of casablanca lily, acacia & white clove; a heart of gold pollen & jasmine templar with a base of fluid amber, golden pollen patchoul & golden balsams. For the woman who possesses unparalleled style & class, gorgeous & glamorous, a fragrance that stands out amongst all the others.

Feminine (type) Perfume by Dolce & Gabbana is classified as a luxurious, gentle, floral fragrance. This feminine scent possesses a blend of floral top notes of water lily, tangerine & white cyclamen blended with heart notes of lily, mimosa & heliotrope…base notes of sandalwood & vanilla.

Rose The One Perfume by Dolce & Gabbana is a floral fragrance for women is the third in the series of special fragrances. Seductive & intoxicating notes include; black currant, pink grapefruit, mandarin, lily of the valley, rose, litchi, peony, madonna lily, ambrette seed, sandalwood, musk & vanilla.

The One Perfume by Dolce & Gabbana, beautiful & seductive notes of mandarin, peach, bergamot, lychee, jasmine, muguet, madonna lily, vanilla, amber, musk, vetiver, and plum.
A gorgeous fragrance!

Ed Hardy - Love & Luck for women is described as “soft & elegant”. The fragrance was developed by perfumer Adriana Medina; the notes include bergamot, blood orange, red sake accord, black currant, pink peppercorn, nectarine, jasmine, forbidden plum, sensual musk, cedarwood, sandalwood & patchouli.

Eternal Love (type) by Ed Hardy is a brilliant tattoo art inspired… a super vibrant & sexy scent. An explosion of fruits opens the accent including tropical mango, wild strawberries & ruby red grapefruit. Vintage floralcy with a rock'n roll edge brings a dark eeriness including black freesia. This floral contast merges into a background of hot skin & warm soulful amber. It is a delicious and very addictive fragrance statement.

Ed hardy (type) for women by Christian Audigier is a trendy scent …fruity & floral with notes of apple soufflé, mango, wild strawberry, rudy red grapefruit, freesia petals, watery muguet, linden blossom, warm amber, musk, tonka bean & vanilla pudding.

Idole D'armani (type) perfume by Giorgio Armani is a gourmand fragrance for women reminiscent of turkish sweets yet is sophisticated. Top notes: sicilian clementine, juicy pear, ginger & davana. A heart of saffron absolute, egyptian jasmine & turkish rose, meld into base notes include vetiver & patchouli.

Emporio Armani Diamonds (type) Perfume by Giorgio Armani was created by perfumer Thierry Wasser. The fragrance is categorized as a gourmand floral, featuring top notes of lychee & raspberry. Heart notes of rose, freesia & lily of the valley, & a base of vetiver, cedar wood, patchouli & vanilla.

Emporio Armani Night (type) perfume by Giorgio Armani is a sharp floral fragrance. A gorgeous blend of flowers with white musk. Emporio armani night gives casual fragrances a new name.

Island Kiss (type) perfume by Escada… Sail away to a deserted island with island kiss by the design house of escada. This summertime fragrance is a limited edition introduced by Escada every summer. This extremely fruity scent contains mango then goes to passion fruit & a sultry orange scent. With a combination of florals, musk & hibiscus, this scent is sure to please.

Magnetism (type) Perfume by the design house of escada is a sharp oriental floral aroma for women. A beautiful blend of greens with fresh fruits & leaves, a hint of musk, & patchouli.

Ocean Lounge (type) Perfume by Escada, has top notes of plum, strawberry meringe accord, pear nectar and litchi. Heart notes include mimose blossom, jasmine, violet petal, & sorbet aromas. Base notes of amber, teak wood & sheer vanilla.

Rockin' Rio (type) Perfume by Escada, is a fun, seductive aroma that brings you the warmth of the sun to your skin. Escada's newest fragrance that is timeless summer fun, Rockin' Rio is a blend of fruits such as tangerine, pineapple, pina colada, sugar cane, peach…with a blend of citrus and tropical flowers, an exciting daytime fragrance.

Sexy Graffiti (type) Perfume by Escada … Pretty in pink is the new sexy graffiti. A sparkling, fruity-floral fragrance that is perfect for spring and summertime. Fragrance notes inlcude wild strawberry, raspberry, pink grapefruit, blackcurrant, muget, red peony, violet, cashmere wood, vanilla, & musk.

Sunset Heat (type) by Escada captures a light, sexy scent which perfectly personifies your feelings of anticipation & excitement to where the night might lead........this fresh & floral fragrance has a style all of it's own! Fragrance Notes of Papaya, Lemon, Mango, Pineapple, Watermelon, Peach, Hibiscus, Sandalwood, Musk, & Amber Crystals.

Pretty (type) Perfume by Elizabeth Arden, A feminine fragrance for women that smells exactly like it's name …pretty. This fragrance opens with top notes of italian mandarin and orange blossom, and peach . The heart is floral with notes of petalia, starry jasmine, pink lily & peony, base notes are composed of musk, jacaranda wood & creamy amber

Pleasures (type) Perfume by Estee Lauder is classified as a refreshing, flowery fragrance. This feminine scent possesses a blend of white lily, lilac, rose & violet …accompanied by a hint of sandalwood.

Pleasures Delight (type) Perfume by Estee Lauder is classified as a floral fruity gourmand fragrance for women, there is more caramel and vanilla in this scent than in the original. Top notes are pomegranate, freesia & wild strawberry; heart notes are lily, peony, heliotrope & lily-of-the-valley; base notes are patchouli, marshmallow, vanilla, caramel & rose

Pleasures Intense (type) Perfume by Estee Lauder is a feminine scent and possesses a blend of jasmine, vanilla, maplewood & tiare.

Fcuk (type) perfume by French Connection includes top notes of bergamot, muguet & water iris, heart notes of barrigtonia flower, jasmine, peony & violet, with base notes of golden amber musk, sandalwood & cedarwood.

BERGAMOT CITRUS (type) by Fresh is A bright citrus infused fragrance with top notes of with sweet orange, bergamot, Paraguay petitgrain, a heart of Italian mandarin, transparent jasmine, green waterlily, & a well rounded base of French cypress, oakmoss, Moroccan cedar

CANNABIS ROSE PERFUME (type) by Fresh… The ultra-sensual and completely intoxicating floral counterpart to the highly popular Cannabis Santal Collection. Top notes burst with the captivating aroma of Bulgarian roses infused with pomegranate flower and Italian bergamot. An alluring blend of cannabis accord, sheer jasmine, and rich dark chocolate make the heart of this sultry scent truly intoxicating, while base notes of white musk, patchouli, and oolong tea leave a lasting sensual finish."

LINDEN (Type) by Fresh is a sparkling citrus top notes of Bergamot & Italian Mandarin with a heart of Rose, Geranium, Lily, Jasmine, Muguet, Ylang Ylang, pink magnolia, & freesia. A long-lasting precious amber drydown ... A gorgeous contemporary fresh floral!

SUGAR (type) by Fresh is a delicious fragrance that combines sparkling citrus notes of bergamot, lemon, Brazilian sweet orange, a heart of soft floral notes of white lily, heliotrope, & petigrain. A sweet gourmand base with notes of caramel and vanilla."

SUGAR LEMON (type) by Fresh is a bright effervescent fragrance that combines zesty citrus notes of Italian lemon, mandarin, & yazu with fruity florals such as lychee flower, orange blossom & ginger flower... with sensual undertones of oak moss, caramel, and white santal.

Hot Couture (type) Perfume by Givenchy… The new, brave fragrance born from fhe esteemed Parisian House of Givenchy. Playful, soulful, meaningful, A raspberry note threads its way through the veil of amber, vetiver & voluptuous magnolia with A discreet touch of pepper. Like A rare couture gown, this fragrance is an original, artful creation.

Gucci Ii (type) Perfume by Gucci is a wonderfully fruity aroma. Refined and elegant, this beautiful fragrance is a blend of tart, with tangy fruits…an elegant, ramantic, & sophisticated evening fragrance. Fragrance notes include Mandarin, Bitter Orange, Blackcurrant, Violet, Blackberry, Jasmine, Heliotrope, & Cedarwood

Envy Me (type) Perfume by Gucci, is an alluringly, seductive, mysterious fragrance for women. Irresistibly dazzling, a blend of pink peony, pink pepper, and water jasmine. The refined blend of lychee, pomegranate, pink musk, white tea, are an attractive heart of the fragrance. The base of Envy Me is sandalwood, musk & teakwood.

Flora (type) Perfume by Gucci, Inspired by the iconic gucci scarf …this is a light hearted and young spirted floral fragrance for women. Top notes include citruses and peony, the heart is a gorgeous bouquet of rose & osmanthus. Base notes are patchouli & sandalwood.

Gucci rush (type) is classified as a sharp, oriental, woody fragrance. This feminine scent possesses a blend of floral gardenia, coriander seeds, jasmine, rose, & vanilla… very sexy!

Gucci Rush 2 (type) Perfume by Gucci, The italian couturier chose a 'lucky number' for the name of this fragrance that proposes a new olfactive language. 2 also means double, therefore it complements Gucci rush. This unique fragrance is not built in a pyramid, but horizontally in order to obtain a homogenous effect of all the constituents. Fresh, flowery & woody, the fragrance opens on an accord of rose, freesia, musk, palm tree, oakmoss & narcissus.

L Lamb (type) Perfume by Gwen Stefani, has notes like "sparkling green freshness" and "leafy water hyacinth" with additional notes of freesia, pear, violet leaves, jasmine, rose, lily of the valley, sweet pea, orange blossom, frangipani blossom, peach skin, heliotrope & musk.

Harajuku Lovers G (type) Perfume by Gwen Stefani, Pop star & trend setter … created harajuku lovers as a tribute to the fashion crazed japanese girls living in the harajuku section of tokyo. G is modeled after stefani and is the leader of the harajuku scent pack. G is an oriental/ fruity/ gourmand with notes of fresh coconut, jasmine, & cotton woods.

Magical Moon (type) Perfume by Hanae Mori, A floral oriental fragrance with notes of osmanthus flower, rose, sugar cane, cotton flower, coconut milk, vanilla, white musk, white sandalwood, red cedar, incense, litchi, patchouli, pineapple pulp, guava nectar, star fruit, orange flowers , & pink berries.

Bourbon Vanilla (type) by Henri Bendel ia a blend of Vanilla, Cedarwood, Musk, Lemon.

With Love Perfume by Hilary Duff, A youthful fragrance with notes of mangosteen fruit, spices, mangosteen flower, cocobolo wood, amber milk, & amber.

Ambra del Nepal (type) by i Profumi de Firenze incudes notes of Nepalese Amber, Cardamom and Madagascar Vanilla. Heavenly amber laced with earthy cardamom and creamy vanilla. Invitingly sensual and luxurious.

Vaniglia del Madagascar (type) by i Profumi de Firenze includes the world’s finest vanilla orchid from Madagascar, renders this irresistible cult-favorite fragrance. Now available in a travel mini-size, a perfect gift and a must for vanilla lovers!

Fleur Du Male (type) Cologne by Jean Paul Gaultier was created by Francis Kurkdjian… composed of petit grain (the leaves and twigs of the bitter orange tree), orange blossom, a fern accord, & coumarin.

Madame (type) Perfume by Jean Paul Gaultier, The subversive and enfant terrible of designers, jean paul gaultier, created this brilliant & electrifying fragrance for women. Classified as a floral, this fragrance is the essence of a modern muse - young, free spirited & energetic. Notes include orange zest, sparkling rose, musk, & cedar wood.

Deseo (type) Perfume by Jennifer Lopez, Developed in collaboration with givaudan perfumers, this fragrance is inspired by a night time walk in a garden, it contains a blend of bamboo leaves, garden yuzu, sicilian bergamot & fresia. Heart notes are star jasmine, pink geranium flower, orange blossom & french mimosa. The finishing base notes include warm amber, oak moss, sandalwood, patchouli & atlas cedarwood.

Glow After Dark (type) Perfume by Jennifer Lopez, Top notes of mandarin, white cherry & passion fruit; a heart of jasmine, peony, rose & orange flower and a base of pink musk, tree moss, blonde woods & patchouli.

Miami Glow (type) is sexy & hot! A sizzling blend of passion fruit, coconut, orange flower, sunbathed sand, amber, musk & vanilla give its it tropical scent any time of the year.

Live (type) by jennifer lopez is the forth of jlo scents. Live is a beautiful blend of orange, lemon, pineapple, peony, violet, caramel, vanilla, tonka beans & sandalwood.

Live Platinum (type) Perfume by Jennifer Lopez, worked with perfumer Shyamala Maisondieu a perfect women's scent for winter's chill. The scent is composed of sparkling notes of marzipan, plum, ruby grapefruit, christmas rose, heliotrope, orange blossom, vanilla, musk, white cedar wood & amber.

Love At First Glow (type) Perfume by Jennifer Lopez … This sexy scent includes a mixture of italian bergamot, georgia peach, osmanthus, pink jasmine, wild rose, freesia, blond woods, musk, & vanilla absolute.

Still (type) Perfume by Jennifer Lopez is as sensual as sable over bare skin, as delicate as pink satin, & as refreshing as a first sip of champagne blending sake, white pepper, mandarin, earl grey, pink freesia, honeysuckle, orange flower, rose, wild jasmine, sandalwood, musks, ambers, & orris.

Sunkissed Glow (type) Perfume by Jennifer Lopez… this is a fruity floral for women composed of orange blossom, water lily & passionflower, with accords of cashmere, amber & musk.

Fancy (type) Perfume by Jessica Simpson… this oriental/vanilla fragrance is a sexy, luscious gourmand that is as alluring as it is feminine. Perfumer Alexis Dadier whips up a delectable scent, with top notes of pear, apricot & red berries; heart notes of gardenia, jasmine, almond & caramel; with sensuous base notes of sandalwood, vanilla & amber.

Fancy Love (type) Perfume by Jessica Simpson, is a floral oriental for women. Top notes of bergamot, peach blossom, goji leaves, & pink champagne blend with an opulent floral heart; heart notes of lotus, peony, plumeria, jasmine & turkish rose; base notes are deep & sensual enhanced by creamy amber, blond wood musk & patchouli.

Dirty English (type) by Juicy Couture …Presenting the scent of irresistible bad boys all over the world… exciting, Magnetic, & just a little dangerous. Juicy’s Dirty English, a passion-inducing mix of peppered mandarin, bergamot, atlas cedar, vetiver, blue cypress, black leather, ebony wood, black moss absolute, and amber musk. Live hard, live fast, live loud, & live now. It's all Dirty English!

Juicy Couture (type) is flirtatious, romantic, & precious! A luscious blend of Watermelon, Mandarin, Pink Passion Fruit, Marigold, Green Apple, Water Hyacinth, Crushed Leaves, Tuberose Absolute, Wild Rose, Princess Lily, Tuberose, Caramel Creme Brulee, Vanilla, Precious Woods, & Patchouli.

Kenzo Flower (type) perfume by Kenzo … Flower is a contemporary fragrance for the modern, city woman who looks to nature for inspiration & renewal. Flower by Kenzo is A flower in the city, with wild hawthorne, bulgarian rose, parma violet, cassia, hedione, cyclosal, opoponax, white musk, & vanilla.

Apothecary Lavender (type) by KIEHL'S Apothecary …Lavender oil with just a touch of rose, eucalyptus, and hay notes to round out the edges and add complexity.

Apothecary Rose (type) by KIEHL'S Apothecary …A rich, true, straightforward rose with just a hint of honey and citrus.

Apothecary Vanilla (type) by KIEHL'S Apothecary …A rich, warm vanilla with touches of smoke, honey, and musk. A unique & grown-up vanilla!

Coriander 1946 (type) by KIEHL'S Apothecary …Fresh top notes of pineapple, citrus, and lemon essential oil lead to a spicy-floral heart of coriander, orange blossom, rose, & ylang-ylang. warm base of musk and sandalwood... A refreshing, light, herbal blend that bears little resemblance (fortunately) to coriander the herb, which can be quite overwhelming. Absolutely unisex, and perfect in any application where a refreshing, herbal scent is desired.

Cucumber 1988 (type) by KIEHL'S Apothecary …The best cucumber fragrance we've ever come across ...light, fresh, & true, with absolutely no perfumey overtones. A refreshing antidote to the heat and humidity of summer.

Grapefruit 1976 (type) by KIEHL'S Apothecary …Citrusy & intense! The grapefruit notes are enhanced & softened with touches of plum, rose, & warm woods.

Kim Kardashian (type) Perfume by Kim herself…Discover the sensual scent inspired by one of the world's most idolized women. The essence evokes Kim's sultry style with crisp top notes, lush heart notes, & a sexy drydown. Gorgeous, voluptuous florals reflect her allure, while soft jasmine, tuberose, and gardenia mirror her femininity. Tonka bean, jacaranda wood, and sandalwood add a warm, sensual base. Fragrance notes include; Mandarin, Honey Suckle, Orange Blossom, Pink Jasmine, Tuberose, Sensual Spice, Lush Gardenia, Jacaranda Wood, Tonka Bean, Vanilla Orchid, Sexy Musk, Creamy Sandalwood.

TEA FOR TWO (type) by L’Artisan Parfumeur is rich, smokey tea with cinnamon, ginger & vanilla... Warm and sweet like chai tea. Not sure if chai tea was the actual inspiration for this scent, but it is indeed reminiscent of it. The sweet, fresh, spicy facets reveal the delicious delights of honey. Absolutely yummy, with a luxurious coziness that you want to wrap around you like a cashmere throw. Top it off with a luscious vanilla drydown and you have one irresistible fragrance.

Touch of Pink (type) Perfume by Lacoste, is a fragrance for the dynamic woman. Perfect for the woman who is spontanuous & full of energy & life. A fresh, modern, zesty aroma, touch of pink is a fruitful blend of coriander leaves, blood orange, cardamom, jasmine, violet leaves, carrot seed, sandalwood, vanilla, & musk.

Touch of Spring (type) perfume by Lacoste … this fragrance is a playful mixture of aquatic accord, quince blossom, amazon water lilies, osmanthus, hosta, sandalwood & musk.

Miracle (type) Perfume by Lancome is classified as a sharp, flowery fragrance. This feminine scent possesses a blend of fresh & spicy florals, with lower notes of amber & jasmine.

Lucky You (type) Perfume by Liz Claiborne is classified as a refreshing, flowery fragrance. This feminine scent possesses a blend of fresh citrus with light flowers & lower notes of sandalwood, amber & musk.

Honey & Lemon (type) by L’Occitane … Sweet & delicate honey, with hints of fresh green notes, reminiscent of a beautiful country summer day.

Green Tea (type) by L’Occitane … Subtle but complex fresh aroma creates the sense of well-being ... Green fields laced with notes of Bitter Orange, Jasmine, Cedar and Thyme. Invigorating & fresh as a Spring day.

Olive (type) by L’Occitane … A true green, earthy, spa scent that is so soothing, uplifting, & beautiful. This is an essential oil blend of Olive, Lemon, Lime, Lavender. In the Mediterranean, the olive tree symbolizes peace, strength, fertility and longevity.

AMAZONIAN (type) by LUSH is an exotic & sensual blend with a fresh citrus accord of Orange & Lemon. Spicy tones surround a heart of Jasmine, with hints of tropical fruit & accents of Palm Leaf create an exotic sensation. An earthy base of Patchouli prevail over the blend, as tropical woody tones & soft musky elements surround this fragrance with softness...must I say any more?

AVOBATH (type) by LUSH …Clean & Fresh top notes of Citrus, Lemongrass, Sage. A Heart of Violet & Cinnamon with a Warm Silky Base of Vanilla & Musk.

CANDYFLUFF (type) by LUSH …Sweet & sugary goodness! Fruity top notes with a hint of rose, a heart of jasmine & violet, with a vanilla & musk base...this fragrance will satisfy any sweet-tooth!

ELIXIR (type) by LUSH … An intensely intriguing & multi faced fragrance to entice the senses… top notes of Orange & sage. A heart of fresh Ginger & Lemongrass, with a warm & yummy base of Musk & Vanilla.

ICE BLUE (type) by LUSH …Top notes of Hawthorn & Orange Blossom, with a heart of Peppermint, Lavender, & Violet. A beautiful & cool, woody & musky base. Refreshing!

JUNGLE (type) by LUSH … Top notes of Tropical Fruits. Rosewood & soft Tuberose. A heart of Spicy Clove & Coconut, & an Earthy - Jungle base of Patchouli & Cedar wood.

ROCKSTAR (type) by LUSH …So smooth… Strawberry Cream, Cotton Candy, & Vanilla ... Who's ever smelled a Rockstar so sweet?!

SEX BOMB (type) by LUSH… Sultry top notes of soft white flowers, a heart of classic Violets, with a warm & sexy, Musky base.

SPICE CURLS (type) by LUSH Comforting & uplifting with top notes of Orange & lemon. A spicy heart of Cinnamon & Spearmint & a base of warming Ginger & Clove. (Cinnamon & clove my be irratating to some sensative skin types)

SUPERNOVA (type) by LUSH … A fresh & brilliant fragrance with soft floral top notes of Orange Flowers. A spicy heart with hints of Spearmint, & a base of Patchouli & Musk... truly out of this world!

THE COMFORTER (type) by LUSH … Uplifting & comforting Bergamot & Orange Citrus top notes, lead to a warm heart of soft floral, cinnamon, & clove. Leafy green accents add dramatic texture & depth, with an earthy & balanced base of Patchouli, Sweet Vanilla, & minty Pennyroyal.

TRICHOMANIA (type) by LUSH … Like the best coconut cream pie ever! Top notes of a soft floral bouquet, a heart of fresh island coconut, & the most delish base of Madagascar vanilla.

YOU SNAP the WHIP! (type) by LUSH … Vibrant top notes of ozone & sparkling citrus tones of lemon & orange. A heart of crisp greens balanced with an apple accord to entice the senses. Sweet undertones of vanilla harmonize the blend with of course is phthalate free!

ULURU (type) by LUSH … Desert Rosewood to uplift and enliven the mind, refreshing Lemon Myrtle, calming Sandalwood, & reviving Orange Oil.

Daisy (type) perfume by Marc Jacobs, Launched in 2007 and developed by perfumer Alberto Morillas, it includes notes of wild strawberry, violet leaves, red grapefruit, gardenia, violet, jasmine, musk, vanilla & white woods.

Lola (type) Perfume by Marc Jacobs, L-o-l-a is the follow up to his first fragrance for women, daisy. Lola, a fruity floral fragrance for women, is no 'shrinking violet with top notes of pink pepper, pear & grapefruit; heart notes are peony, geranium & rose; base notes of vanilla, musk & tonka bean.

Forever (type) by Mariah Carey…Glamorous. Radiant. Mesmerizing. An opulent floral, Forever, is a sophisticated combination of notes that convey a powerful message of feminine sensuality. Composed of iconic white florals of gardenia & tuberose, radiant lotus blossom & neroli …mesmerizing white musk & exotic bright woods, Forever reflects a modern image of glamour. True to Mariah Carey, Forever is a harmony of notes reminiscent of classic Hollywood allure, wrapped in warm sensuality for a timeless interpretation of glamour. Top Notes include radiant - Luxurious accords of Neroli, Lotus Blossom & Dewy Green Apple create a refreshing, distinctive blend capturing Mariah's sensual appeal. The heart notes are glamorous - A rich floral heart embodies Mariah's warmth and sophistication through a symphony of Tuberose & Gardenia. Base Notes are mesmerizing - A unique, sultry combination of White Musk & exotic woods provide a depth like Mariah's unforgettable voice.

Luscious Pink (type) Perfume by Mariah Carey, this fragrance is described as a sparkling floral. The fragrance notes include bergamot, ocean breeze accord, sparkling bellini accord, tahitian tiare, lily of the valley, pink peony, bright blond woods, creamy sandalwood & white musk.

M (type) Perfume by Mariah Carey, was created by Mariah Carey and perfumer Carlos Benaim. A floriental scent with top notes of marshmallow & sea breeze accord; a heart of living tahitian tiare & gardenia with a base of sheer amber, patchouli & moroccan incense.

Precious Amber (type) by Maitre Parfumeur … A little history, first: In the 17th century, perfumery was considered a high art, & custom-blended perfumes were developed, decanted, & sold with the greatest of care & attention in luxuriously appointed salons. Modern-day perfumer Jean-Francois LaPorte decided to revive this tradition, & has opened several "salons a parfum" in Paris under the name "Maitre Parfumeur et Gantier." As part of his effort to recapture the essence of the golden era of perfumery, Monsieur LaPorte committed himself to working with only the finest and rarest raw materials. Needless to say, his creations are breathtaking -- and quite pricey (small bottles of eau de toilette are priced at $145). The work of M. LaPorte has only recently come to my attention & I am delighted to be able to offer you an outstanding duplication of one of his finest blends, Ambre Precieux (which translates to "Precious Amber"). This rich, beguiling unisex fragrance begins with top notes of natural bergamot, galbanum, lemon, petitgrain, & lime, leading to a sweet-spicy heart of amber, vanilla, nutmeg, & clove, with rich bottom notes of ambergris, balsam peru, & sandalwood. BOTTOM LINE… This warm, complex spicy amber-sandalwood-citrus blend is an extraordinarily affordable way to treat yourself to an outstanding example of the perfumer's art.

Michael Kors (type) is tuberose reinvented. Creamy florals explode into exotic spices, tamed by smokey Moroccan incense. A fragrant creation with a wealth of personality that will capture the heart of every woman. Fragrance Notes of Dewy Freesia, Tamarind, Chinese Osmanthus, Incense, Fresh Tuberose, White Wings Peony, Blue Orris, Arum Lilies, Cashmere Woods, Musk, Vetiver Haiti provide a voluptuous finish. Sophisticated & sensual, warm & wearable. This fragrance embodies the simplicity & modernity that defines the fashion of Michael Kors.

Very Hollywood (type) Perfume by Michael Kors… She will be walking the red carpet in Michael Kor's glamorous floral scent for women. The fragrance features notes of mandarin, iced bergamot, wet jasmine, ylang-ylang, raspberry, gardenia, orris, creamy amber, soft white moss & vetiver. Beware of paparazzi.

Island (type) perfume by Michael Kors, The ultimate getaway that radiates tropical waters, island by michael kors is the escape from it all scent. The sensational blend of kauai waterfalls, kiwi, honeysuckle, tulip, lilies, bulgarian rose, driftwood. Island is recommended for daytime wear.

I Love Love (type) Perfume by Moschino, Enticing and fun, i love love is for the women that love life. Spontaneous blend of bright citrus, followed by sexy yet feminine florals, smoothing off to cinnamon leaves, woods & musk. Sensational, sparkling and dazzling way to top off your day.

Perfect World (type) by Origins is A most unusual blend ... technically this fragrance would fall into the "fruity-floral" family, but it's much deeper and more mysterious than most fragrances in that category. Top notes of peach and red apple lead to a fruity-floral. A heart of juicy peach, cyclamen, freesia, and sweet lily. Amber and musk provide a soft, dreamy, mysterious drydown…Unlike anything you've ever smelled before, & unisex, despite all the fruits and flowers!

Can Can (type) by Paris Hilton is a very sensual yet playful fragrance. With top notes of clementine flower, cassis, & nectarine. Heart notes of wild orchids & orange blossom. Base notes of soft musk,amber & woods. .. soft, sweet, yet very distinctive & Gor-geous!
Fairy Dust (type) Perfume by Paris Hilton, Celebutante Paris Hilton & perfumer Cecile Krakower create a bit of magic with this floral fragrance. The notes include sparkling prosecco accord, pink peony, orange blossom, spring gardenia, water lily, peach nectar, sueded patchouli, cashmere musk & vanilla cream.

Heiress (type) perfume by Paris Hilton has top notes of passion fruit, orange, peach granita, & champagne mimosa. Heart notes consisting of star jasmine, tiare flower, ylang-ylang, honeysuckle, dewberry blossom, & grenadine. Then base notes of violet leaf, vetiver, tonka, & blonde woods.

Just Me (type) perfume by Paris Hilton is for the young, sexy social girls… or those who want to be! This youthful fragrance includes raspberries, lily of the valley, iris, white rose, vanilla, & sandalwood.

Paris Hilton (type) Perfume by Paris Hilton, is a sleek, sophisticated fragrance for any woman. Paris hilton is a concert of frozen apple, peach, muguet with a beautiful heart of freesia, mimosa, jasmine, tuberose. Finishing off with musk, sandalwood, ylang ylang & oakmoss.

Siren (type) Perfume by Paris Hilton … a creamy floral fragrance for women. Luxurious, exotic frangipani flowers, subtly sweet essence of apricot nectar day-blooming & honeysuckle surround the bouquet of rainforest orchids & budding water lily at siren’s heart. Bright base notes of sandalwood, vanilla beans & creamy musk evoke tropical breezes on sun-warmed skin. Paris Hilton was awarded celebrity of the year for 2009 by the fragrance foundation for this fragrance.

Calyx (type) Perfume by Prescriptives is classified as a refreshing, flowery fragrance. This feminine scent possesses a blend of a fruity bouquet of guava, papaya & passion fruit with a citrusy blend. Heart notes are flowery, including jasmine, marigold, freesia & marigold. Lowest notes of moss & aromatic woods.

Prada (type) Perfume by Prada, is a blend of classic with sophisticated modern for any woman. This beautiful scent is a sensual blend of bergamot, orange, rose, patchouli, raspberry, sandalwood & vanilla. Prada is super classy & elegant.

HOT (type) Perfume by Ralph Lauren…This amazing & incredible scent includes the mixture of mocha cream, spicy cinnamon, & succulent maple.

Pure Turquoise (type) Perfume by Ralph Lauren, This amazing perfume includes a mixture of cassis, night blooming cereus, & patchouli.

Ralph Rocks (type) Perfume by Ralph Lauren has top notes of passion fruit, kiwi, & citrus. Heart notes of freesia, orange blossom, hyacinth, & palm leaves. Base notes of bleached wood, sandalwood, & amber.

Romance (type) Perfume by Ralph Lauren is classified as a refined, flowery fragrance. This feminine scent possesses a blend of fresh rose, ginger, marigold, violet, oakmoss & musk.

Style (type) Perfume by Ralph Lauren … Style & grace … a dazzling scent …an elegant, sophisticated fragrance for women. A refined blend of violet leaves, orange flower, jasmine, gardenia, tuberose, magnolia, suede, vanilla, musk & patchouli.
Ralph Wild (type) Perfume by Ralph Lauren, A young and carefree fruity floral fragrance. The top notes are wild strawberries & juicy watermelon. The heart notes are a blend of cherry blossom, sheer jasmine & red rose petals. The base notes are creamy musk & smooth sandalwood.

Fracas (type) perfume by Robert Piguet in French, means "a big uproar or sensation" ... which was introduced in the 1940s and did cause, as it turned out, a "fracas" among fragrance lovers worldwide. Today, Fracas has achieved cult status... & which some rich, blonde fashionistas cite it as one of their all-time favorites. One snootful and I think you'll agree that this heady blend of white flowers is unparalelled in its timeless excellence. Top notes of peach, orange blossom, gardenia, and cylamen lead to yet more flowers in a middle composed of Bulgarian rose oil, jasmine, lilac, iris, & calla lily. A touch of musk and tolu balsam in the bottom keep it from flying away. ... Bottom line, this is the best-smelling fragrance you've never heard of.

Alien (type) Perfume by Thierry Mugler, This perfume was created by thierry mugler in 2005, and makes an amazing gift for any occasion. This spectacular feminine scent includes a blend of amber, woods, orange blossom, green notes & vanilla.

Angel Innocent (type) Perfume by Thierry Mugler, Created by the design house of thierry mugler in 1999, angel innocent is classified as a refreshing, flowery fragrance. This feminine scent possesses a blend of pure mandarin, honey, fresh almond and other exotic fruits. Accompanied by rich musk & amber.

Angel Pure Coffee (type) is Inspired by the scents one would smell upon first entering a of Coffee house & a limited Edition Perfume by Thierry Mugler. Angel for Men is a rich, gourmand scent. Pure Coffee takes this deeper and richer, mixing coffee and chocolate. Fragrance Notes: Lavender, Bergamot, Aldehydes, Peppermint, Gourmet Roasted Coffee Beans, Patchouli, Caramel, Tonka Bean, Tar, Musk, Vanilla, Moss, Cedar, Vetiver, & Chocolate.

White Patchouli (type) Perfume by Tom Ford, Patchouli leads the way while blending peony, rose & jasmine. It all comes together with a spicy and woodsy combination that will make sure you get noticed, for all the right reasons.

Tommy Bahama (type) Perfume for women by Tommy Bahama… This special perfume has a splendid scent that includes the mixture of clementine flower, cactus flower, bergamot, hawaiian tuberose, spring honeysuckle, frangipani, musk, exotic woods, & nectarine.

Tommy Girl (type) Perfume by Tommy Hilfiger is classified as a refreshing, flowery fragrance. This feminine scent possesses a blend of a refreshing & energetic florals & was inspired by the wildflowers grown in the American landscape and includes notes of camellia flowers, black current flowers, mandarin and tangerine, spearmint, sandalwood, & heather.

True Star (type) perfume by Tommy Hilfiger is a spectualr fragrance celebrating the beauty of Beyonce Knowles. An alluring floral oriental fragrance that is beautiful blend of sweet pea, syringa, honeysuckle, creamy rice & wheat grains.

True Star Gold (type) perfume by Tommy Hilfiger is Inspired by Beyonce Knowles, True Star Gold creates an aura of irresistible attraction, fully charged & electrifying. A soft, floral oriental with uplifting watery vibrations of melon & kiwi with an enticing floral dewy brightness inspired by pumpkin flower, ultimately wraps the body in a luxurious creamy sensation of milk, raspberry and honey.

Bamboo Sugar Cane (type) perfume by Trapp is the perfect blend of green bamboo and sweet sugar.

Burmese Wood (type) by Trapp is a gorgeous & fresh blend of Cedar, Patchouli, Amber, & Musk.

True Religion (type) perfume by True Religion (womens), From the high end jeanswear company with a cult following, this is a floral woody musk for women. Funky, hip, yet with a clean fresh perspective, the fragrance is for women who love fashion. Top notes include apple, red currant, violet leaves, mandarin and bergamot. The heart is composed of amarylis, freesia, and plum. Base notes are hinoki, amber, & cedar.

Bella (type) perfume is an intoxicating floral with notes of Violet, Gardenia, Jasmine, a hint of fresh & tart Grapefruit, with a warm base of Vanilla & White Woods.

Edward (type) perfume is a seductive & mysterious blend of Bergamot, Rosemary, Moss, Sandalwood, Mint, & Amber.

Jacob (type) perfume is a sexy & masculine blend of Mandarin, Pepper, Cypress, Ebony Wood, Leather, Amber, & Musk. Earthy & wild.

Twilight (type) perfume is a captivating blend of Juicy Berries, Soft Mimosa, Apricot Nectar, Vanilla Musk, Sensual Amber, & Precious Woods. Mysterious & beautiful… this fragrance will transport your heart & soul.

Vera Wang (type) perfume by Vera Wang… she has captured desire in a modern, floral bouquet. The first encounter is a flirtation that begins with Bulgarian rose, calla lily, and mandarin flower. The flirtation is followed by a passionate kiss of gardenia, lotus, iris, & white stephanotis. The fragrance is wrapped in a final embrace of sheer musks, white woods, & precious floral nectar.

Island Girlz Fragrance Descriptions...

* Banana … Sweet, creamy & ripe bananas.

* Beach … Blend of Sand, Sea Spray, Salt, Jasmine & Mandrin (Bobbi Brow type).

* Beach Daisy … Top notes of lemongrass, fresh grass, and daisy petals, followed by heart notes of gardenia, ylang ylang, & clove. Base notes of amber and musk.

* Butt Naked … Sweet & fruity, delightful notes of watermelon, papaya, mango & cherry lead the way, let your mind do the rest. So yummy!

* Caribbean Coconut … Simply coconut… the tropics in a bottle.

* Coco Vanille … Sweet Tahitian vanilla mixed with fresh coconut milk. So creamy & luscious.

* Coconut Papaya Mango … Fresh from the tropics a mouthwatering fragrance of sweet mangoes, papaya & coconut, clean and enticing.

* Crystal Water…Reminiscent of Gentle trade winds that carry the cool, moist scent of calm blue waters. So revitalizing … Yankee’s Ocean Water type.

* Fig & Melon …Rich, ripe Mediterranean fig with juicy melon notes.

* Forbidden Fruit, know by some as Eat it Raw … Sweet, yet fresh, lightly fruity fragrance that everyone will be talking about, so luscious! Melons, peaches, apples, pears & more...

* Green Girl Garden…Delicate florals dance in a garden of sweet berries & absolute freshness - currants, roses, white flowers...

* Hawaiian Ginger … A sexy & delicate white floral. Fresh & Airy.

* Hawaiian Holiday … Sweet blend of plumeria, coconut and bananas. Paradise in a bottle!

* Hibiscus … A perfectly balanced floral & fruity blend or Hibiscus, Currant, Acai, Plumeria, Jasmine, & warm Amber.

* Icy Pina Colada … Crisp, cool, frosty, ripened pineapples blended with island coconut.

* Icy Pineapple …Crisp, cool, frosty, ripened pineapples. The coolest pineapple ever … refreshing & sweet.

* Island Bay Rum … Fresh from the Caribbean, resinous bay leaves infused in mellow woody rum that has been aged and matured in wooden kegs. Invigorating and masculine, with spice notes.

* JC Margarita …You’ll want to drink this one (but, please refrain!). Tangy Lime, tequila, cool cubes, don’t forget the salt. So delicious & refreshing.

* Jamaican Me Crazy ... Imagine an exotic tropical vacation… a strong blend, full of wild fruits, cherries, coconuts, bananas, mangos & a dash of sexy island magic.

* Lick Me all Over… Exotic and seductive, rich & fruity. A fruit and tropical paradise of Raspberry, Melon, Citrus, & light floral notes.

* Lotus … White florals, lilies, a touch of musk & pure beauty.

* Mango Papaya … Fresh from the tropics a mouthwatering fragrance of sweet mangoes & papaya, clean & enticing.

* Mimosa … A deeply exotic & velvety floral fragrance, with a hint of sparkle.

* Ocean Breeze … Crisp, ocean breezes envelope you as you walk along a secluded tropical beach, the waves gently spraying up a fine mist that refreshes your soul & cleanses your mind.

* Orchid … Delicate & sweet all at once! A heady, intoxicating fragrance like no other, and very exotic.

* Passionfruit … Tangy, sweet, & juicy passionfruit blended with tropical fruits.

* Passionfruit Rose … an exotic floral that is ideal for refreshing the long hot days of summer. Crisp, sweet, & modern…as cool and tropical as a tall iced mimosa. This scent will instantly remind you of warm, windy Hawaiian nights. Take a trip today!

* Plumeria … A clean & sweet floral with a whisper of summer breezes.

* Rosehip & Jasmine … Sweet & delicate jasmine blended with fresh Rosehip. Romantic & sexy island woman .

* Sex on the Beach … Orange juice, cranberry juice, peach schnapps & a blend of other tropical fruits. Sexy & delish!

* Sparkling Ginger … Bubbly, crisp, clean & effervescent Ginger…Like a cool tall glass of gingerale. This is a must try… I could rave for hours about this one… yum!

* Sugar Cane …Pure sweetness of sugarcane…so yummy! Add a little sugar to any of * Island Girlz fragrances to give it a sweet sugary kiss.

* Sweet Summer … Sugary vanilla with honeysuckle and freesia. A gorgeous & yummy blend.

* Tahitian Vanilla … Fresh vanilla blended with sweet sugar cane & a hint white florals.

* Tropical Sunset … Mangoes, coconuts with fresh aquatic notes.

* Tuberose … A rich & luscious white floral. Sweet & heady prized tropical flower.

* Wet Kisses …Fresh, clean, body oil favorite with melons, apples, pears, & subtle hints of jasmine and rose.