Thursday, August 19, 2010

...and so it is! My LOVE Affair with Perfume!

And so it is! The beginning of a blog… my fellow perfume addicts, junkies, collectors & fans! A little about how my love affair with perfume began … I got the perfume blending bug from a job in the mall at a popular bath & body shop which featured a custom blending perfume bar… I was HOOKED on creating & blending fragrances, & scenting products with the most unique combinations. We were so sad when that company decided to close it’s retail doors & moved into the direction of catalog & of course online. I still have to say that was one of the most fun, most meaningful jobs I have had, by giving me my first blending experience & the many fragrances to do it with. RIP G.B.

…So on to the present ! With every fragrance imaginable available the combinations are endless…. & so Peepshow Perfumes was born! I want to give y’all a chance to be your own perfumer, creator, artist! I know there has to be tons of you out there that have had favorite notes in mind in which you have wanted to experiment with your own blends… & for a reasonable amount of $! I have seen other shops out there that want to charge $50-$100 for a small bottle, & unless they are filled with liquid gold, I personally think that is just a tad unreasonable! Well, honestly I can’t make it any more reasonable that I have at Peepshow Perfumes. You may as well take advantage of MY fragrance addiction & the many fragrance notes I have made available … here is your chance to create your own custom perfumes, & I will blend them for you, package YOUR liquid gold, pop the cutest, sassiest little pin up girl label on your bottle, then though the air or on the road it goes… to magically appear in your little mailbox just dying to be slathered on & give you a sexy new attitude!

Most of you are already familiar with Opulent Alchemy. Quite simply, this is your favorite shop for all COUTURE perfumes, current & HOT, cult faves & vintage must haves. These fragrances are replicas of the originals & often times even better than the originals (if I do say so)! These are your must haves & the fragrances that have built the fragrance industry into the beautiful smelly monster it is!

And then there was a girl who longed to live on a tropical island… well, after spending some time on one, she grew homesick of the states & had major island fever… so Island Girlz is an homage to all my Island Girlz out there. Here you will find the most luscious, tropical, exotic, rich florals, sweet, juicy, & tangy fruits, & TO DIE fragrances that any little Island Girlz would LOVE to wear… to bring you back to that special vacation, summer dayz, or to bring along to your next island destination. Here you will also find my organic specialty skin care with tropical antioxidants, vitamins, & all the goodness that SHOULD be in your skincare.

I will try to blog at least once a week to give a more personal & detailed look at my fragrances. I will also be offering specials on the fragrances featured, so if you like a DEAL, you might just want to subscribe, & look for the SALE listings in my shops. I will be discussing ALL of my shops (,, & so you might just want to include them in your faves for quick reference! Please stay tuned for my first blog promotion that I will be offering on my featured fragrance! And please, always feel free to contact me with your questions & comments! I would love to hear which fragrances you are dying to hear more about, as well as looking for a yummy deal on! Thanks for all of your support, you are the best!

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